Marquis Asset Management strives to challenge our team to excel in all sectors and differentiate ourselves in each market and submarket we enter.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the best by providing the essentials of property management with People being our number one priority. Our “One Team – One Purpose” approach is successful because of our team member engagement and dedication to do the right thing which results in exceptional customer service and quality housing for our residents while providing financial results for our investors.

People working together to provide the best home for those we serve to make their own memories


Outstanding Customer Service

Fiscal Responsibility


Marquis Group’s History

From one to many: Marquis Group has grown and differentiated within the industry over the last 20 years

Marquis Group was founded in 1992 by Douglas Hickok. Beginning as the Marquis Group before maturing and branching into Marquis Development Inc, Condo Marketing Inc, and Marquis Asset Management Inc, our firm has grown and developed every year. Marquis Asset Management houses its own accounting department, compliance department, human resources, and site operations team, while Marquis Group also has an in-house Acquisitions Team, Development Team, and Property Management.

Who we are...

Marquis Asset Management Inc. is a proactive property management firm that places special emphasis on both providing quality housing and maximizing market potential. Our asset management team diligently works to understand, monitor, and predict market fluctuations through in-depth research and resident profile studies. We use this information to create marketing plans and programs that benefit our neighborhoods, residents, and portfolio.

We provide top tier customer service, quality housing, and professional maintenance for our properties in order to ensure that each and every asset is a success. In addition, Marquis Asset Management conducts extensive training for each employee to properly serve our residents and our assets.

By creating and strictly following our detailed preventative maintenance programs via property inspections, we have made a name for ourselves in the industry as upstanding and consistent. This, along with our continuous system of checks and balances, leaves our residents and investors pleased with the customer service and product reliability we provide.

Marquis Asset Management owns and manages assets across Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida, and services all property types.

The Marquis Asset Management Team

Cecilia Cossio
President, CAM, CAPS, HCCP

Cecilia has more than 25 years of proven property management experience including an extensive background in property operations, leadership, client relations, and implementation of efficient systems and effective procedures to improve organizational performance. At Marquis, Cecilia is responsible for the operations and oversight of the organization. Cecilia will focus on ensuring team member support while meeting the goals of the owners and investors.

Prior to Marquis, Cecilia was with Allied Orion Group and Concord Management in a Vice President role where she successfully led a multi-state portfolio. Cecilia graduated from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan where she obtained her BBA in Management. She is a NALP, CAM and CAPS designate through the National Apartment Association.

Linda Johnson Headshot

Linda Lien Johnson
Regional Manager, CAM, COS, CRPBV

Linda has more than 20 years of multi-family housing management experience and exceptional people skills. She is able to manage units while assisting the region with marketing and has a great eye for future successful developments. Linda is well versed in all aspects of lease ups, asset preservation, leasing, marketing, staffing, financial reviews, and budgeting.

At Marquis Asset Management, Linda serves as the regional manager on the site operations team directly under Cecilia.

Monica Garcia
Regional Manager, CAM, CAPS, NALP, COS

Monica is an experienced regional manager who has been in the industry over 26 years whose strongest management skill includes maximizing NOI through efficient daily operations. She has supervised communities in several markets throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia and New Mexico with conventional, lease-up, LIHTC, Student and Senior housing sites. Monica is also known for both organizational and technical skills. She holds CAPS, CAM, NALP, COS, and Multi-family Housing certifications.

With Marquis Asset Management, Monica acts as the regional manager and works closely with the management of the assets in her area.S

Kristy Neal
Regional Manager, CAM, CAPS, HCCP

Kristy has over 23 years of multifamily Real Estate management, including Convention, Affordable, and Senior Housing. She has previously worked as a Regional Property Manager at Pacifica SD Management and CG Property Management, specializing in Real Estate Development, Acquisitions, Financial Analysis, Asset Management, and all Regulatory Compliance for its Affordable Tax Credit communities and HUD projects. 

Her portfolio experience is valued at over $100M and over 6,000 conventional, affordable, and housing units in multiple markets within multiple states. 

Kristy is University of Houston graduate with a BA in accounting and a minor in Human Resources. She is also a certified multifamily Regional Property Manager with my CAM, CAPS, and HCCP designations and is a member of the National Apartment Association. 

Erika Gutierrez Portillo
Accounting Manager

Erika holds degrees in Accounting, Computer Science, and Information Science, making her a valuable asset to Marquis. She has been with Marquis since 2017 serving in our accounting department. Her eye for detail, sharp mind, and background in both accounting and computers makes her department run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that payments are processed, and charges are checked in a timely, accurate manner.

Erika is a graduate of Santa Maria University and the University of North Texas, making her a great addition to our management team.

Peggi Khor Headshot

Peggi Kohr
Team Member Services Director

Peggi has been with Marquis for over 25 years and has served in several roles during her tenure. Her passion is people and she enjoys the ability to function in a role that helps direct the mission of the organization and development of our team members.

Peggi is genuine, patient, loyal, and organized, giving her the methodical mind that is needed in HR and Team Member Services. Her dedication, people-passion, and successful history within Marquis help her to effectively foster teamwork across the organization.